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2017 Poster Winners

2017 Research Conference on Aging Poster Winners

Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences Posters

Aging and Sex-Dependent Adaptive Homeostasis in Response to Oxidative Stress
Wong S, Corrales-Diaz Pomatto L, Tower J, and Davies KJA

Mechanism of Aβ Aggregation in Alzheimer’s Disease
Xue C, Lee Y, Tran J, Wang H, and Guo Z

Subcortical ischemic stroke reduces cortical amyloid accumulation, motor recovery after stroke, and cognitive performance
Hayden EY, Huang J, Nunez S, Lee J, Welch A, Frautschy S, Cole G, Teng E, and Hinman JD

CCL11 (Eotaxin-1) Role in Aging of the Brain and Skeletal Muscle
Crupi A, Nunnelee J, Das M, Godoy M, Yanez A, Svendsen C, and Goodridge H

Behavioral and Social Sciences

A Community Based Randomized Controlled Trial on an Educational Intervention to Promote Retirement Saving Among Hispanics
Blanco LR, Duru OK, and Mangione C

Racial/Ethnic Differences in Expectations Regarding Aging among Older Adults
Menkin, Guan, Araiza, Reyes, Trejo, Choi, Willis, Kotick, Jimenez, Ma, McCreath, Chang, Witarama, and Sarkisian

Gist-Based Memory for Weather Forecast Information in Older Adults
Gallo H, Hargis M, Kerr T, and Castel A

Apathy Mediates Cognitive Difficulties in Geriatric Depression
Funes CM, Lavretsky H, Ercoli L, St. Cyr N, and Siddarth P

Health Sciences

Identifying patients for cognition and mobility care management in a primary care clinic
Richer Lagha R, Guerrero L, Hamade W, Woodard A, Reuben D and Tan Z

Recent HIV Testing among U.S. Older Adults Since and Prior to Release of CDC’s Routine HIV Testing Recommendations: National Findings based on the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)
Ford CL, Godette DC, and Gaines TL

Evaluating allostatic load as a predictor of cardiovascular disease risk relative to the ACC/AHA pooled cohort risk equation: Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis
Goldwater D, Karlamangla A, Merkin S, and Seeman T

Does age matter in adherence to the use of home telehealth devices for chronic disease management?
Guzman, Yefimova, Viernes, Lee, Farmer, Wakefield, and Hahn

To use modern technologies facilitate traditional assessment in geriatric oncology patients
Xie Z, Naeim A, Rettig, M, Lee C, Petruse A, and Ramezani R

Social Research, Policy and Practice

Acceptability and Adoption of Aging in Place Technologies Among Older Adults: A Systematic Review
Riess H and Aneshensel C

Predictors and the Moderating Effect of General Health and Neuropsychological Performance
Jones R, Konzelman DL, Arechiga AL, Rajaram S, and Sabaté J

The Effects of TimeOut@UCLA, an Intergenerational Respite Program for Cognitively-Impaired Seniors, on Family Caregivers and Students
Guerrero L, Gans D, Satyadev N, Reynolds M, Jimenez P, and Tan Z

Increased Vulnerability to Economic Downturn Among Family Caregivers: The Impact of the Great Recession
Meyer K and Gassoumis Z